Mermaid Hair Shimmering Herbal Hair Growth Mist

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Mermaid Hair
Herbal Hair Growth Mist made with:
Distilled Water, Aloe Vera Juice, Vegetable Glycerin

Fenugreek- great source of protein and amino acids
Rosemary- strengthens circulation and soothes scalp
Clove- encourages circulation to the scalp
Marshmallow root- full of vitamins a and c and produces a protective coating
Horsetail- Antioxidant and circulation booster
Slippery Elm- prevents water loss and nourishes the hair follicle with fatty acids
Hibiscus- Prevents breakage and smoothed the cuticle
Rose- rich in vitamin c and help soften (curly hair especially)
Moringa- contains vitamins a, c and omega 3 fatty acids

Lemon essential oil
Tonka vanilla bean
Mica minerals for extra shimmer

4 oz $18.00

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