About Me

My name is Sandra Line and I am a Licensed Holistic Practioner in Idaho and Washington, I   Specialize in Natural Skin Health and Herbal Care. I have been a Licensed Practitioner for the last decade and continue to enjoy what I do more each year I practice. My studies in Botany and Plant Medicine preceded my interest in Skin Sciences. I immersed myself in Plant Science, Botany, Molecular Biology and Physiology, Plant Folklore and Wildcrafting. These subjects thrust me down the "Rabbit Hole" and changed my outlook on Health and Wellness forever. I started to Wildcraft for my own Medicinal and Therapeutic plant matter, followed up by growing all my own herbs that I couldn't procure by walking through the woods. I started to make all my own oral Plant Medicines and ventured into using the plant matter in topical applications for skin and fell in love with the process. I later enrolled in a Esthetics course and ended up as an instructor to the other students in my class on using plants for Skin health right before I graduated. I did demonstrations for the class alongside the instructor on how to decoct, infuse and tincture certain plants in order to treat skin conditions and diseases. After graduating, I decided to take the plunge and become a Certified Master Herbalist and continue with additional classes to advance my skills and knowledge on Skin Health, Anti Aging Treatments, Chronic Skin conditions and more.

After working with several other companies, I decided to venture out on my own and start my own business. I now offer several Skin and Herbalism services as well as Accupressure, Manual Lymphatic Drainage, Face mapping, Gua Sha and Natural Handcrafted Bath/Body and Skin Products. 

Most of the ingredients in my Handcrafted Skincare products are all Wildcrafted, Grown and formulated by me in small batches to ensure the best quality!

Our belief is that nature provides the best food for your skin no matter your skin type or condition. Treating our body's biggest and best defense mechanism with gentle and holistic treatments is the best way to keep it healthy and working optimally. We use natural ingredients that Mother Nature has gifted us to help beautify, soothe and maintain a youthful glowing complexion. You can rest assured that your skin will flourish and beam with healthy radiance that only nature can provide! We offer Holistic Skin treatments to work with your skin's own healing and regenerating methods to help with common conditions, disorders and overall skin improvements. We also offer hair removal via wax,sugaring and dermaplaning. Other services include Lash extensions, brow and lash tint, Light therapy, Microdermabrasion, Microcurrent, Galvanic, High Frequency, Make up artistry, Herbal Consultations and we offer Natural herbal infused handcrafted skincare products for home care.

Our ideal customer is anyone who trusts in natures ability to produce the best ingredients for their skin! We take a Holistic approach to keeping skin healthy and we take pride in our products and hands on therapies. We look to help Teens suffering from hormonal breakouts to adults looking for anti aging treatments and everyone in between. We offer a full complimentary skin evaluation and consultation to get you on track to your best and most healthy skin you can achieve. Give us a call today to book a complimentary appointment and meet our Skin Therapist who will build a skin regimen tailored to you!