Green Tea and Citrus Facial Steam 4 oz.

Green Tea and Citrus Facial Steam 4 oz.

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All Natural Antioxidant rich Facial Steam.

This colorful blend of herbs and botanicals is beautifully and naturally scented with with Citrus and Green Tea. This gorgeous Facial Steam is a combination of the following:

Green Tea: Antioxidant
Nettle: Anti-inflammatory
Ginger: Rejuvenating
Spearmint: Cleansing
Turmeric: Evens out skin tone
Sunflower: Aids Collagen and Elastin
Rose Petals: Maintains Skins PH
Mallow Flowers: Soothing
Oranges: Glow Inducing
Orange Essential Oil

Place 1 TBSP in a bowl of Steaming water, place towel over head and let the steam cleanse your pores.

Can also be used in a steamer basket.

4 oz Glass Jar