Elderberry and Ginger Oxymel

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Elderberry & Ginger Oxymel

A Vinegar and Honey Wellness Tonic ❤️

Oxymels are an ancient time Tonic that has been used to aid in Respiratory issues, coughs and colds. It’s immune boosting benefits come threefold with the first being Apple Cider Cinegar based.
-Apple Cider Vinegar acts as an astringent in the body and is chock full of Probiotics, Beneficial Enzymes, Acetic Acid and is also known to be Antibacterial, Antiviral and Antifungal.
-Raw Local Honey is considered a Demulcent and antibacterial which makes it great for reducing inflammation and fighting bacterial infections.
-Elderberries and Ginger are both antiviral and can help shorten the life of any cold or flu.

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